Ultra Life 21 – Day 2 The Enthusiast

I took a personality test today. It said I was an Enthusiast. I get all the ideas with all the passion for a day if I’m lucky, but then I get bored and move on before I finish anything.

I think it’s kinda cool  I started this project before I consciously understood that. Guess I didn’t really need to know as I was already figuring it out my favorite way….the hard way…I’ve always thought lessons were more valuable if you suck at them for a while first, then when you succeed you get bonus points for respect…..I’m not so sure of this train of thought at the moment, then again I don’t seem to be too sure of anything.

I wrote the poem When at my favorite writing place by the river. I hadn’t been there since the whole getting fired thing and was feeling a bit crappy about it,  but the second I left the trail to pick my way down the steep bank with the sun blasting on my face, I felt amazing! I got shivers of feel-good and as soon as I sat down on the banks of the Bow that poem poured out of me. It was awesome.


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